Market Products

VFC Cornish Pasties

A staple meal for Cornish miners, these were traditionally made with a thick pastry crust, enabling miners to eat them with dirty hands. Made with onion, carrots, potatoes and herbs in a delicious homemade pastry crust. Suitable for vegans!

Spiced Middle Eastern Koftas

Imagine a food which combines all the best qualities of a meat ball with all the best qualities of a falafel and look no further than a delicious Middle Eastern Kofta! Traditionally made with dried fruit, meat, spices and vegetables, ours are vegetarian and gluten free!

Buy a portion to eat as a snack, or serve with a salad or as a meatball alternative with spaghetti. Or (if you want more options) we’ll provide them with salad, a Moroccan pomegranate dressing and a gluten free wrap or pitta.

Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free!

Welsh Oggies

The Welsh equivalent of a Cornish pasty, made traditionally with lamb to eat down the mines. A blend of flavours that taste like home: rosemary, basil and thyme, caramelised onions, carrots and a hint of mint, stored in homemade pastry. Suitable for vegans!

Spiced Lattice Pastries

These flavour filled pastries are a culture trip through the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Made with Mediterranean veg, Middle Eastern spices and pomegranate molasses, then topped in geometric pastry, these pastries are a real treat! Suitable for vegans!

Mini Nut Wellingtons

A delicious mix of ground walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews, caramelised onions and mushrooms. Sat on a bed of cranberry coulis and wrapped in homemade puff pastry. Suitable for vegans!

Sweet Potato and Quorn Bacon Frittata Muffins

Comparable to a crustless quiche, this delicious Italian food is full of flavour and gluten free! Made with sweet potato, Quorn bacon, egg and cheese, frittata muffins make for a protein filled veggie snack. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free!

Mini Nut Roasts

This timeless, classic, vegetarian staple has been brought back to life by VFC. Made with a combination of cashew nuts, Quorn, caramelised onion, carrot and herbs, this recipe is moist, wholesome and full of flavour. One mini nut roast serves two, so go on! Treat yourself! Suitable for vegetarians.

Quorn Chicken and Mushroom Slices

A treat for mushroom lovers everywhere! These popular pastries made with Quorn chicken, mushrooms and onions are creamy and vegan. Then, just in case you’re not already impressed, they’re made with homemade puff pastry! Suitable for vegans.

Vegan Chocolate Brownies

A decadent, dark chocolate treat, these brownies are too good to miss. Indulge! Be tempted! They’re even vegan.

Seasonal Options and Specials

Chestnut Valentines

Love can be depicted in many ways, but a delicious heart topped pastry, filled with chestnuts, Quorn and cranberry sauce? It just makes sense. Show your vegan some love this Valentine’s Day! Suitable for vegans.

Pumpkin Pasties

A wickedly tasty combination of pumpkin, Quorn and onion cooked with mixed spices, orange zest and a little bit of magic. These are a fun, autumnal treat inspired by Harry Potter and a delight for Halloween. Suitable for Vegans!

Chickpea Curry

Made with the delicious and versatile vegan staple: chickpeas, this curry combines spinach, peppers, onion and Indian spices. A fantastic meal, cooked fresh on the stall and served with rice. Suitable for vegans and gluten free!

Chilli Con Carne

Full of beans, vegetables and flavour, this vegetarian chilli is made with Quorn mince. Served piping hot with a side of rice, this is a special to watch out for!

Vegan Christmas Parcels

Made with chestnuts, Quorn, cranberry sauce and topped with a puff pastry star, these festive treats are the perfect addition to your Christmas table. Suitable for vegans!

Vegan Mince Pies

A tasty vegan treat that Santa Claus will not be able to resist! Made with vegan mince meat and homemade pastry these mince pies are wonderful with a glass of mulled wine. Suitable for vegans.

Vegan Christmas Cake

A moist, fruity, Christmas cake topped in marzipan and icing and soaked in brandy. Impress your guests this Christmas with VFC’s cake. Suitable for vegans.