Recipe Book

Vegetarian Food For Carnivores by Sarah McLean

Vegetarian Food For Carnivores is a recipe book written by trained chef and orthopaedic trauma nurse Sarah McLean. It consists of 60 main course meals including family favourites, international flavours and festive foods.

Using Quorn, this book crosses the boundary between plant-based and meat-based meals, providing a feasible, tasty and healthy alternative to meat. 

If you are struggling to cook for your vegetarian/vegan son or daughter or perhaps a visiting friend or family member, this is the book for you. If you want to reduce your meat intake, eat more vegetarian food or feed a family of vegetarians and meat eaters without cooking two meals, then this book is the answer.

Ingredients are affordable and readily available in local supermarkets, while recipes are simple and flexible, easily made vegan using alternatives like oat milk and chickpeas.

Inspiration for the book came from an unexpected quarter.

In the early 2000s, Sarah’s husband Michael announced that his Aunt and Uncle were coming to stay from Australia. It must be known that Uncle Jimmy is forthright, as fond of a barbecue as anyone could hope to be, and disinclined to vegetarian food. 

Sarah panicked. She did not want to start cooking meat, but with three weeks hosting Uncle Jimmy, what else was she supposed to do? She did her research and discovered the meat substitute Quorn. Sarah experimented with recipes and flavours until she felt she could satisfy any enthusiastic carnivore. 

Uncle Jimmy complimented her cooking, ate seconds of her meals, and Sarah breathed a sigh of relief. 

At the end of their stay in Shrewsbury, Uncle Jimmy and Aunty Kath were picked up by vegetarian-vegan cousins to visit the wider family. Uncle Jimmy was visibly displeased. ‘I suppose I’m going to have to eat veggie food now?’ He asked. ‘What do you think you’ve been eating at Sarah’s?’ Came the inevitable response.

This family affair was the inspiration behind Sarah’s recipe book Vegetarian Food For Carnivores. She continued to experiment and convert much loved recipes from across the UK and the wider world. In 2020, Vegetarian Food For Carnivores was finally published.

Sarah’s recipe book is available to buy here, in various local Shropshire shops, or you can come visit us at the market stall.