Order Food

We have frequent inquiries about producing large scale versions of our market products, particularly the nut roast and the frittata muffins. We are happy to produce and provide meals, snacks and desserts on request via email. If you are interested in making such an order, please include your request and an anticipated date of collection. We will then get back to you and let you know whether your request is feasible and our anticipated costs.

From 15th August to 20th November we will be accepting advance orders for vegan Christmas cakes. Christmas cakes are available in sizes small, medium and large, either iced or plain. Prices as of 2023 (subject to inflation based changes) were:

£20 for a small, plain cake.

£25 for a small, iced cake

£30 for a medium, plain cake

£35 for a medium, iced cake

£45 for a large, plain cake

£50 for a large iced cake

If you are interested in requesting food to order then please contact us via email at vegetarianfoodforcarnivores@gmail.com.