Farmer’s Markets

Shrewsbury Farmer’s Market is held in Shrewsbury Square on the first Friday of every month and regularly on the third Saturday. There are a range of goods on offer, from street food, preserves and sweets to flowers, jewellery and art. There is something for everyone!

It is also the home event for Vegetarian Food For Carnivores. On market days you will find us to the left of the Clive of India statue and behind the hog roast stall.

On market days we sell a variety of vegan pastries, mini nut roasts, mini frittata muffins, koftas (with or without a wrap) and vegan chocolate brownies. For more information, why not visit the Market Products section of our website? Or, stop by the market stall and try our food yourself!

Market Dates 2024

Friday 2nd February

Friday 1st March

Saturday 16th March

Friday 5th April

Friday 3rd May

Saturday 18th May

Friday 7th June

Friday 5th July

Saturday 20th July

Friday 2nd August

Friday 6th September

Saturday 21st September

Friday 4th October

Saturday 19th October

Friday 1st November

Saturday 16th November

Friday 6th December

Xmas market: Friday 20th and Saturday 21st December (58 stalls)